I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. I have been taking photos my whole life and have been shooting professionally for the last 7 years. I absolutely love being able to meet new people and capture moments of their lives for them. My photos tend to be fun, colorful and full of joy because that is how my sessions tend to be (also, my life!) 


Who am I?

  • New mom! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October of 2017 and am on a whole new adventure!
  • Old mom! I have two incredible sweet furbabies that have ruled the house for a long time....until now. (see above!)
  • Super happy future-wife to one awesome dude!
  • Music fanatic! My whole life has been driven by this love. Concerts and festivals. CD and record collections. I actually taught myself how to use a "big girl camera" in front of the stage shooting bands.  
  • Travel junkie! Temporarily paused due to the new baby adventure but I have explored about 15 different countries over the much more to see!
  • RVA All Day! I have lived in Carytown for over a decade and just adore my city. 
  • Elephants! Orange! My life is decorated with these two things. Just check out the Melissa Brugh Photography logo!